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On Behalf of The Solstice Entire contents of Public house and Nightclub
Venue address
Peterborough PE1
United Kingdom
On Behalf of The Solstice Entire contents of Public house and Nightclub

Commercial Fridges, Ovens, Audio equipment, Bar contents and Much More

Auction dates
Starts: Mar 05, 2021 05:00 PM GMT
Ends from: Mar 23, 2021 11:00 AM GMT
Viewing dates
Mar 19, 2021 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM GMT
Auction currency
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There are 402 lots within this auction
Primary Category
Item Type
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We have chosen not to publish our results. Please contact us directly for any enquiries.
Trestle tables
Lot 453
Trestle tables
Lot 454
Trestle tables
Lot 455
Trestle tables
Lot 456
Gents toilet
Lot 457
Ladies toilet
Lot 458
Samsung fridge freezer
Automatic washing machine
Lot 461
Meat slicer
Lot 462
Shower cubicle
Lot 463
Insect o cuter
Lot 464
CCTV system
Lot 465
Lot 466
Lot 467
Walkie talkies
Lot 468
Walkie talkies
Lot 469
Lot 470
Filing cabinets
Lot 471
Desk and chair
Lot 472
Coffee table
Lot 473
Single pedestal desk
Banister rails
Lot 475
DVR machines
Lot 476
DVR machine
Lot 477
Contents of first floor flat
Contents of the Sun terrace
Austrian blinds
Lot 480
Bain Marie
Lot 482
Lot 483
Stick blender
Lot 484
Lot 485
Electric kettle
Lot 486
Electric fan
Lot 487
Chopping boards
Lot 488
Wall shelf
Lot 489
Wall shelf
Lot 490
Kitchen knives
Lot 491
Kitchen spoons
Lot 493
Wire racks
Lot 494
Baking trays
Lot 495
Hand wash sink
Lot 496