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On Behalf of The Solstice Entire contents of Public house and Nightclub
Venue address
Peterborough PE1
United Kingdom
On Behalf of The Solstice Entire contents of Public house and Nightclub

Commercial Fridges, Ovens, Audio equipment, Bar contents and Much More

Auction dates
Starts: Mar 05, 2021 05:00 PM GMT
Ends from: Mar 23, 2021 11:00 AM GMT
Viewing dates
Mar 19, 2021 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM GMT
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We found 114 items matching your search
Primary Category
Item Type
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Qty Serving Trays
Moccaserver -E Clubline Technivorm Coffee Machine
Interlevin 8700/8710 Bain Marie
Buffalo GL348 Water Boiler
Qty Of Champagne Buckets
Qty Of Plastic Tumblers
Qty Of Plastic Cocktail Glasses
Qty Of Glass Coffee Cups
Qty Of Glass Tumblers
Qty Of Glass Shot Glasses
Qty Of Heineken 1/2 Pint Glasses
Qty Of Glass Wine Glasses
Large Qty Of Glass Pint Glasses
Qty Of Glass Champagne Glasses
Qty Of Stainless Steel Plate Covers
Qty Of Glass Carafes & Milkshake Glassware
Qty Of Stainless Steel Baking /Serving Trays
Qty Of Stainless Steel Oval Plate Covers
Qty Of Stainless Steel Pots
Qty Of Stainless Steel Serving Pots
Boxed Sunnex Professional Milk/Juice Dispenser
Mazzer Super Jolly Auto Grinder/Coffee Machine
Waring Margarita Madness Torrington CT 06790 Comme
Mobile Trolley
Lot 279
Mobile Stainless Steel Storage Trolley
Jagermeister Mini Fridge
Back Bar Coolers x 2
Stainless Steel Prep Station
Stainless Steel Drainer Section
Adexa GN2100 TN Counter Style Refrigerator
Currys CUL55W 12 White Fridge
Daewoo KOR-1NOA Microwave
Shelved Storage Rack
Red Bull Mini Fridge
Red Bull Mini Fridge
Infrico ZXS10 Free Standing Refrigerator
Bar unit
Lot 400
Poseur table
Lot 417
Back bar fridges
Back bar fridge
Lot 423
Back bar fridge
Lot 424
Undercounter refrigerator
Double door commercial fridge
A frame sign
Lot 431
Lot 461
Meat slicer
Lot 462
Bain Marie
Lot 482
Lot 485
Chopping boards
Lot 488
Kitchen knives
Lot 491
Kitchen spoons
Lot 493
Wire racks
Lot 494
Baking trays
Lot 495